Adventure Capital Challenge FAQs

Application Process

Who is eligible to apply?

All alumni of Chicago Booth full, part-time, and executive programs are welcome to apply.

How do I apply?

The application will go live on the Apply page of this website April 28, 2018. Please stay tuned for additional details on how to apply.

Does my idea need to be a business?

No, certainly not. If your idea falls into a traditional venture category, we encourage you to look into the other amazing Booth resources, including the Polsky Center. We are looking for ideas that are meritorious because they explore a passion, and not because they are lucrative.

How do you select participants?

The selection committee first evaluates each application on a blind basis. For specific guidelines used by the selection committee visit the Apply page. 

Would it be a good idea to apply with my idea to __________?

Yes! It is important to stress, no one (least of all the ACC selection committee) is qualified to pass judgements on what you’re passionate about. We will do our best to select projects that align with the criteria outlined. However, the stewardship of your dreams lies with you. Even if you’re not ultimately selected, taking some time to think about what inspires you and writing it down can be tremendously beneficial.

I have multiple ideas. Can I apply multiple times?

We are asking alumni to limit to one application per person. This is to ensure that everyone receives the same opportunity to participate. While everyone has multiple passions, we encourage you to focus on the one passion that has ignited your imagination.



How are coaches assigned?

Once participants are selected, we do our best to reach out through the Booth network to identify great coaches. We have found that the best outcomes result from the participant and the ACC team working together to identify and approach coaches. We expect to work jointly to find the right match and participants are encouraged to think about potential coaches in their network.

We may not always find coaches with domain-area expertise. In those cases, we will identify coaches who can help think through the creative process of embarking on a new and challenging adventure.

What is expected of me if I’m selected?

If you are selected, four things are expected of you:

  • Pursue the vision that you outlined in the application

  • Collaborate with the ACC team to identify and approach a coach

  • Connect periodically with the ACC team to reflect on you progress, with the goal of sharing the ups-and-downs of embarking on a new creative endeavour

  • Share your progress with the broader Booth community with the goal of inspiring others to pursue their passions. This includes a presentation in Chicago in winter or spring of 2019.

While this is not an explicit expectation, we certainly encourage you to enjoy the process. Trying something new isn’t always easy, but there is joy and satisfaction in stretching yourself in new ways.

I don’t like public speaking. Can I skip the presentation part?

Sharing the journey with the broader Booth community to inspire others is an important part of the vision for the ACC. If you absolutely hate presenting, feel free to suggest alternative ways that you can share your experience.

What if I’m not selected? Should I try again next year?

Don’t let the vagaries of a selection committee hold you back! If your application is not selected, that simply means that the committee has to make tough choices between multiple worthy, creative, and inspiring projects. We encourage you to pursue your passion regardless. If it’s still relevant a year later, you’re welcome to apply again.


The ACC Program

Who started this?

In 2014, while speaking to a group of alumni, professor Harry Davis challenged the attendees to think about how they can have a broader impact on the alumni community. After exploring a number of ideas, a small group formed to pursue the notion of encouraging alumni to pursue “off the beaten path” interests. This group has morphed into the ACC committee.

From the start, the committee received generous guidance and support from Dean Stacey Kole and Professor Davis. None of this would have been possible without them, and we are incredibly grateful for their support. 

Can I get involved with the committee?

If you want to get involved, we’d love to hear from you here: We absolutely appreciate the help. Please keep in mind, though, that this is a relatively new initiative and that we are still figuring out how to make it hum. We may not have a role available this year.

I have additional questions. Where should I direct them?

Feel free to reach out to the committee here: Please note that we are all alumni volunteers who have full-time jobs. We will do our best to answer promptly, but you may experience a delay.